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See the SAM Product Page.

The Screwdriver Antenna Memory (SAM) product is designed to enhance the mobile antenna commonly called the "Screw Driver". It replaces your current control unit and provides an automated memory feature that eliminates the visual coil tuning method commonly used.

For Information, check out the following: Looking for a new antenna?
I don't sell the antennas but there are many antenna manufacturers to choose from.
Check our Sam Ready page lists those that are available. Most offer antennas with the SAM sensor unit pre-installed.
Autoshift 706  

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The ICOM 706 radio provides many features in a small package. However, one of them is the lack of an auto repeater split found on many VHF/UHF radios. The 706 requires you to calculate the repeater offsets and enter them manually. Most VHF radios have a basic repeater band plan "programmed" into them and will perform the repeater offset calculation for you. The Autoshift 706 will add this missing feature to your radio. The basic (ARRL) 2m,6m and 10m band plans have been programmed into the Autoshift system. When enabled, the Autoshift 706 will automatically set the transmit frequency for you as you tune the receive frequency.

For more details read the Autoshift 706 Product Information

You can also get more information from the Document Download Area

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