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The SAM is currently unavailable.

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Product Summary

The Screwdriver Antenna Memory (SAM) is designed as an addition to the class of mobile HF antennas referred to as the "screwdriver" antenna.

The tuning of this antenna (after initial setup) is usually done visually by holding the motor switch while watching the antenna followed by fine tuning by SWR or "ear". Most users put a strip of tape or use some other method to "mark" the "general" location for each band. The SAM will replace these visual markers with an electronic one.

The SAM replaces the "control panel" which you currently use to tune the antenna. It contains a VFO style tuning knob as well as a push button. The new control panel also contains a dual digit display to give the operator visual feedback as to the current SAM setting or memory channel. The size of the SAM box is (2"H x 4"W x 4"D)

The unique feature of the SAM is the VFO style tuning knob used to 'fine tune' the antenna. The knob is also used to select the memory presets.

Using the SAM
With the SAM unit, the normal UP/DOWN switch is replaced with a VFO style knob. This "VFO" knob contains an intergrated push button. This in combination with a 2nd button is used to control the SAM system.

Memory Mode
With the memory feature of the SAM , will memorize the location where the antenna was manually tuned. As you manually tune the antenna, the SAM will keep track of the antenna's location. Then, by selecting the memory mode and a memory location, you can save the current antenna location as a 'preset'. The new SAM control panel contains a display that allows you to save 16 tuning locations.

In memory mode, the tuning knob will be used to select one of 16 preset memory locations. You simply turn the knob until the LED display shows the desired memory number. Then, once you have the correct memory selected, you just press the tuning knob (The knob is also a push button) and the antenna will automatically "re-tune" to the preset location. Once you recall a saved setting, the antenna will return to the preset location. You may then use the "jog mode" feature which allows you to adjust the antenna from that point for "fine tuning".

Jog Mode
The JOG feature is a new way to fine tune the screwdriver. The memory is designed to tune the screwdriver "close" to the operating frequency, you will need to fine tune the coil for best SWR/Field Strength. With the JOG mode, small turn of the tuning knob will result in a slight turn of the screwdriver tuning motor. This makes tuning the antenna operate much like using a VFO or the roller inductor of a antenna tuner. As you turn to the right, the SAM will extend the coil out of the lower mast section and turning to the left will retract the coil.

While in the Jog Mode, the LED display will change to help indicate the operation being performed.

Fast Jog Mode
In the Fast Jog Mode, the SAM operates the same as the Jog mode but each detent on the tuning knob will raise or lower the screwdriver motor more than the normal Jog mode.

Calibrate Mode
One feature is that the SAM will limit the travel of the antenna within a lower and upper limit. The Calibrate Mode aids you in changing these limits. Also, since there are variations in antenna manufactures, materials and construction details, it can happen that the coil position can drift by a turn or two of a period of time. The Calibrate mode allows you to move the antenna and bypass the upper and lower limits.


The requires you install a small magnet clip onto the main screw shaft inside the antenna. This is done by sliding the coil, shaft and motor out of the outer tubing and clipping the magnet assembly onto the main screw shaft or motor. You then will mount a small sensor on the outside of the lower tubing section. This can be attached by two small screws, JB Weld or RTV silicone glue. If you are unsure if your antenna can be updated to work with the SAM you can check our "Sam Ready" list. The manufacture of your antenna may be able to help on how to install your sensor.

Ordering Information

We are sorry to announce that the SAM is currently unavailable. If you are still interested in purchasing the SAM unit, please email us at:


The SAM pricing is as follows:
Fully Assembled: Assembled and tested unit installed in custom case.
Rear Panel connector with "pigtail" wiring.
Antenna Sensor Assembly.
Shipping and Handling: Ground Delivery.
(Priority Shipment available for addition charge)

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